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A Primer on the Ins and Outs of Building BlissBrent Knowles is a regular in ‘On Spec’...

Bone DreamingA Great Read

Digital Rightsexplores the high-tech world

Digital RightsAlmost...human in intelligence.

Digital Rightsthoroughly enjoyed it

Feast War I would recommend this to anyone.

How to Design Gameplay and ExplorationA great summary and review of design processes

Mama and Other Robot StoriesQuite creative!

Mama and Other Robot StoriesGreat Stories

MamaAn Author To Watch

Nikki 2.3 (Mama Collection)Nikki 2.3

Sin and Toilthe story is neatly done

Sin and Toil[W]e ... root for

Some We Eat and Some We KeepGreat collection of fresh and new voices in sci-fi!

Start a Career in Game DesignThe Experience of a True Insider

Start a Career in Game DesignA great no-fluff introduction

Stone Eateran ideal short story

The PoolGreat read

The Pool: ArrivalScience Fiction at its finest


Slaying Dragons () Plasma Frequency
Digital Rights () Writers of the Future XXVI
Sin and Toil () On Spec
Some We Eat and Some We Keep () Robot and Raygun Issue 2
Remembrances (2005) Ultraverse
His Island (2005) Quantum Muse
The End of the Road (2006) Not One of Us
A Ragman's Vow (2008) On Spec #73 Fall
From the Sea (2009) On Spec #78
The Tale of Lady Spite (2009)
Digital Rights (2010) Writers of the Future XXVI
The Kol Effect (2010) Neo-Opsis
The Monastery (2010) Not One of Us
John's List (2010) War of the Worlds Frontlines Anthology
Stealing Death (2011) Necrotic Tissue #13
Touch the Dead (2012) On Spec #87
Summer Lover (2012) Shroud #12
Proof in the Pudding (2012) Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Presents Flush Fiction: A Tantalizing Collection of Short Stories
The Onion Farmer (2012) Aoife's Kiss (#42, September 2012)
Foolish Wishes, Fairy Kisses (2012) New Myths
Stone Eater (2012) Abyss and Apex
Nikki 2.3 (2012) The Journal of Unlikely Entomology
Slaying Dragons (2013) Plasma Frequency
Cobbler and Minion (2013) Ruined Cities Anthology
Great White (2013) Crossed Genres Ooomph Anthology
A Terrible Loyalty (2013) On Spec #92
Inside Magic Circles (2013) Perihelion Science Fiction
A Primer on the Ins and Outs of Building Bliss (2014) On Spec
Some We Eat and Some We Keep (2014) Robot and Raygun Issue 2
Her Robot Babies (2014) Perihelion
Sin and Toil (2014) On Spec
Red Means Go (2015) On Spec

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